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Our Services

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Keeping your home cozy even on the coldest day of the year means having a dependable system installed by heating professionals. We install, repair and maintain your heater for complete peace of mind. Learn more.
Climate change is making Ontario summers unbearable. As a result, you need a dependable, energy-efficient cooling system that keeps you comfortable when temperatures rise. We install, repair and maintain your air conditioning so you never have to sweat it out. Learn more.

At Eco Icon we know your family depends on your water heater to provide hot water on demand. We offer solid water heating solutions that offer hot water when you need it with high efficiency you can depend on. Whether you need water heater repairs, maintenance, or installation, our experts offer affordable solutions designed for your satisfaction. Learn more

At Eco Icon we understand the importance of keeping the air our customers breathe clean. We help reduce bacteria, germs and other harmful particles found in every home. It is not just COVID-19 that can make you sick, but other tiny pollutants that are found in all of our homes. We offer air quality products that improve the air quality of your home to keep your family healthy and safe. Learn more

We offer a full line of quality, super-efficient gas products and installations, as well as gas line installation and repairs to keep your home safe. If you are making home improvements whether it’s a new fireplace for your basement, a stove for your kitchen, or even patio heaters for that chilly fall weather, we can handle it all with our TSSA-certified gas technicians who ensure our work is done to code. Learn more.

At Eco Icon our team of certified electricians can assist with your electrical repairs, upgrades and installation. Electrical work must be performed up to code to ensure your home is safe. We are your residential electrical professionals trained and experienced to provide electrical repairs, installations and upgrades needed to keep up with the changing demands of today’s home technology. Learn more

Technical Support

Why Choose Us

By having access to Toronto’s largest inventory of products and installing hundreds of units on an annual basis, we have a lower cost per unit than your typical contractor. Savings that we happily pass onto you!

Thousands of hours of on site work has led to the perfection of our craft. Our technicians perform in an extremely organized and clean manner. Every job is completed within a predictable time frame.

We are well prepared for the task at hand. Only the absolute best tools and equipment are used for our installations. You can rest assured knowing that everything we use is of the highest quality.

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